Everything you need, under one roof!

Roof Masters Newcastle are proud to provide a full complement of roofing services, including:

  • Roof repairs for tile and metal surfaces.
  • Roof restoration services.
  • Colorbond roofing.
  • Colorbond guttering.
  • Leaf guard installation.
  • Roof leak detection and repair.

Roof Restoration Services

Roof restoration is a comprehensive process, consisting of a thorough clean with specialized high pressure equipment, a complete repair process addressing every square inch of your roofs surface, and a multi-layer treatment resealing the roof surface and recolouring in the shade of your choice.


Roof Masters Newcastle are experienced roof restoration specialists able to completely restore and recondition any tile or metal roof surface.

The roof restoration process consists of several steps in sequence designed to return your roof to a brand new condition before sealing against both leaks, and finally painting to a rich, consistent shade protected by a 15 year warranty.


What to expect:

  • A complete repair of your roof surface: every leak fixed, all broken and chipped tiles replaced, rusted valleys and chipped or damaged cement all completely replaced.
  • A meticulous high pressure clean, stripping your roof entirely of dirt, lichen, moss, lichen and blemishes.
  • A secure sealant layer applied, further securing your roof against leaks in the future, and preventing dirt, lichen, and moss from adhering and re-establishing their hold on your tiles or roofing sheets.
  • Finally, your roof is repainted in the quality shade of your choice for a clean, consistent colour exactly like brand new.

Roof Repair Services

Comprehensive maintenance and repair services for all roofs.


Roof Tile and Roof Sheet Replacement

The single most important roof maintenance task is the maintenance of the roof surface itself. Over time roof tiles are subject to damage and may be cracked or fractured by falling branches and weather, while metal roofing sheets may be subject to rust and deformation. These problems can present themselves in degraded performance of the roof and allow water to infiltrate into the roof cavity, lead to the degradation of other roof fixtures such as valleys or battens, and often spoil the appearance of a home.

Roof Masters Newcastle are able to provide and install replacements for all common roof tile and metal roof sheet designs and profiles. The regular inspection and replacement of these items ensures that roof leaks are identified and stopped as quickly as possible, and that minor problems do not escalate into serious issues by allowing wind and water related damage to get out of hand.

Roof Valley Replacement

Roof valleys provide the critical drainage needed between two roof surfaces to funnel water into rain gutters while preventing water standing in place or overflowing. Because they are exposed to water every time rain falls on the roof, and can collect leaves and other detritus, roof valleys can be subject to rust and damage that can warp them, or result in them leaking into the roof cavity.

Roof valley replacement is required periodically throughout the lifespan of tile and metal roofs when rust or damage accumulates in such a way that their effectiveness is compromised. Roof Masters Newcastle are happy to provide this service for all tile and metal roofs, and as we are roof restoration experts we are fully equipped to recolour your new valleys as needed to match your existing roof fixtures.

Re-Bedding and Re-Pointing of Roof Tiles

The ridges of a tiled roof are lined with special tiles called 'capping tiles', which serve to direct the flow of water down the sides of the building, seal the joins between the different faces of the roof, and help the surrounding tiles to interlock securely. The flexible cement used to secure these capping tiles is sometimes damaged in storm events, and can be subject to wear and tear caused by weather exposure. Loose capping tiles can result in the roof being weakened overall as the surrounding tiles are not properly secured, and can also lead to leaks when water is able to infiltrate past the damaged flexible cement used to secure them.

Replacing the cement used to secure and interlock them (a process called bedding and pointing), as well as the capping tiles themselves as needed, serves to secure the tiled structure of the roof, prevent water infiltrating the roof cavity, and keeps the roof looking its absolute best.

High Pressure Cleaning

Over time dirt and stains brought about by weather and the growth of mold and lichen can discolour a roof and leave it looking lacklustre. Roof Masters Newcastle employ the most modern equipment to clean tile and metal roofs with high pressure water jets to strip all dirt and signs of aging away, and leave your home sparklingly clean.

Roof Ventilator Installation

Roof ventilators, also called whirly birds, are passively driven extraction fans installed in roof surfaces. During Summer when the roof cavity is heated by the sun a ventilator will aid in the removal of this warm air, keeping the house comfortable for occupants, while during Winter ventilators aid in the removal of moisture from the roof cavity, protecting the interior from damages caused by high humidity.

Roof Masters Newcastle are expert ventilator installers, able to provide the roof ventilator most suited to your home, installed and painted to match all existing fixtures.

Leaf Screener Installation

Never clean your gutters again!

Roof Masters Newcastle are proud to offer installation and maintenance services for gutter protection systems designed to fit all standard gutter profiles.


Leaf screener, or gutter guard, is a mesh barrier installed in rain gutters to prevent leaves and other detritus washing into them, accumulating, and eventually blocking the gutter or downpipes and leading to overflows that may cause water damage within the eaves and roof cavity, or result in overflow to the outside of the gutter. Leaf screener is especially recommended for wooded areas and properties overhung by trees. It can be installed on all standard gutter designs, and is available in fire retardant aluminium for bushfire prone areas.